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Fashion Graduate Jobs – where to start?

Having completed a fashion degree, you may be thinking what now? Fashion is a highly competitive industry but if you have the passion and drive to succeed there are an abundance of opportunities available to a budding Fashion Graduate.

First you may want to think about exactly which area of the fashion industry you are interested in, then take a look at some of the fashion graduate jobs for that particular role to find out what the criteria is, for example:

Do your homework; make sure you know the exact requirements for the role you are applying for, if you go into an interview well prepared you will feel more confident and able to answer any tricky questions.

It’s fashionable to be seen!

It’s time to get networking, promote yourself and get noticed by potential employers.  Start by creating a LinkedIn profile showcasing your qualifications and any relevant experience such as voluntary work or related hobbies you may have such as pattern cutting or designing your own clothes.

Acottonttend industry events and job fairs, talk to people already in the industry and contact local Fashion recruitment agencies.  Forming a good relationship with an agency can prove rewarding if they have met you face to face and are impressed with your qualifications and attitude they are more likely to think of you when a suitable opportunity arises.


Do I need a Portfolio?

If you have completed a Fashion degree, the chances are you will already have started a portfolio, keep this and build upon it making sure you capture everything you do.  A fashion portfolio is particularly important if you are looking for a Fashion Design role, it’s a great way to show a potential employer your practical skills along with your creativity and flair.

CV help for Fashion Graduate Jobs

One of the challenges faced by any graduate is creating a CV if you have little or no work experience.  Don’t let this put you off; take a look at our CV help page.  Highlight areas such as –

  • Your qualifications
  • Voluntary/unpaid work
  • Relevant School/College/Uni work placements
  • Any spare time interests that are relevant to the field of Fashion

So why wait any longer, find the best Fashion Graduate Jobs today!

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