Careers in the Fashion industry – Managing your Counter Offer

You have just received an amazing offer for the job you wanted.  More money, better title, higher pay and increased responsibilities.  When you inform your current manager and hand in your notice you are presented with a counter offer.

Many recruitment agencies see this scenario play out, time and time again.  If you’re open to the idea of staying in your current job you need to know that negotiating the terms of a counteroffer can be tricky, not to mention awkward.

Here are some important factors to consider:

Will it affect my relationship with colleagues?

Should word get round the office you have been offered/are accepting a counteroffer, your colleagues will know you were looking for new employment and received incentives to stay this may alter the relationships you have with colleagues.  Also, if you have been given a pay rise or extra incentives you have negotiated to stay in your current role, your employer is probably going to expect more from you in return, putting you under added pressure to deliver. Can you meet these new expectations? How motivated are you to be more productive?

Don’t agree to a counter offer because of a pay increase…

Money always seems to be the main reason for accepting a counter offer.  However the proven motivation is job security and personal growth as well as other intangible aspects.  When considering a counteroffer, ask yourself – will staying provide career enhancement, skills development and benefits? You should also research whether your current employer has a history of helping people bring out their true potential.

Does your employer appreciate your value?

If you have had workplace issues in the past, were these resolved?  If nothing was done in the past will their new promises actually materialise?

Be Objective.

Think objectively when managing the counteroffer.  Ask yourself which company fits your future needs and requirements as well as develop your skills and career in the fashion industry.

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