Fashion Graduate Jobs : How to get into the Fashion Industry

Fashion has become one of the most sought after industries to work in by many of today’s Millennials. Finding fashion graduate jobs can sometimes be a challenge, you have to really network and prove your worth to land such a highly coveted job that has hundreds of interested candidates all vying for the same position. But the good news is that a job in fashion doesn’t necessarily mean designing clothes and accessories.

These days, there are hundreds of different job openings in fashion that involve more of the business behind the fashion, there are many jobs opening up in 

e-commerce and digital marketing given how important online presence  

is for companies to be successful.

careers in the fashion industry: Knowledge Is Key

If you want to have a job in fashion, then you better study up on the industry.  We’re not talking about just knowing the designers and their latest collections. The more knowledge you have about what’s going on in the industry, the better your chances of impressing a fashion bigwig and getting that dream job. Keep up to date on what’s happening in the fashion world by reading fashion magazines and bookmarking a variety of fashion sites online that not only keep you up to date on what to wear, but who’s doing what and any other fashion tidbits that are interesting. When you’re armed with knowledge, you’ll be able to talk the lingo and work with the industry’s best.

Network Like Crazy

Many jobs in the fashion industry are obtained by the contacts you have and networks you are involved in. As like any other industry, it always pays off to know someone, which is why you need to network like crazy. Attend as many fashion industry events as you can get invites to so that you can mingle with the movers and shakers of the fashion world. If you live in the fashion hotspots like New York, London, Milan and Paris, you’re already ahead of the game since each of these cities has a pivotal role in fashion. There are events practically every day of the week, so make sure you try to secure an invitation to as many as you can. Once you’re there, mingle with people and if you see someone who you’d like to work with, go up to them and chat them up! Get their business card and follow up because they might be able to help get your foot in the door at your dream job.

Intern First

Many fashion graduate jobs require you to intern first, so this might be the best route if you’re serious about a career in fashion. And don’t feel that being an intern is beneath you because many of fashion’s biggest names were once in your shoes and interned their way into a successful career. You gain the experience needed and you get to meet a lot of people in the industry that can help you get ahead in your career. Also, an internship can also lead to a full-time position within the company, so make sure to give it your best and you can be a regular employee in no time!


There are many fashion industry jobs available, but you need to really have passion to get them. If you just simply love fashion because it’s a popular interest, then the likelihood of landing a job in this industry will be slim. You have to really live and breathe fashion to thrive in this industry, so if it’s only a hobby, you might want to look elsewhere in terms of careers. And don’t think you have to really live in any of the big fashion cities either, since each city has it’s own fashion scene. There are many fashion jobs Manchester for example, but you just have to know where to look!

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