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Re-birth of the Textile Industry in Manchester

In the past Manchester was the central hub of activity when it came to the cotton and textile trade during the 19th Century, with its imposing cotton mills dotted all around the city.

However by the end of the Second World War that was all to change seeing mass closure of the mills and the decline of the industry in the North East.textile mill

Now years after spinning died out in the UK it has once again been reborn, with large companies bringing their new cotton spinning businesses back to the heart of the City once again, there is high demand worldwide for high quality thread in the fashion industry as designs and clothing lines get ever more sophisticated.

Fashion jobs in Manchester

Manchester is once again teaming with great fashion job opportunities, below is a selection of just some of the jobs we are currently looking to fill –

  • Textile Technologist
  • Jerseywear Designer
  • Garment Technologists
  • Ladieswear Designer
  • Assistant Product Developer
  • Import Merchandising
  • Sales Executives

The UK is the 15th-largest textiles maker in the world and exported £5.5 billion worth of clothes in 2013 alone.  There is now a high demand across the world for luxury clothing hailing the ‘Made in Britain’ stamp.

Fashion jobs in Yorkshire

There is another revival in Yorkshire’s woollen industry.  The sector employs around 100,000 people and is worth a staggering £9 billion to the UK, with recent spinning and dyeing plants opening, fashion jobs in Yorkshire are also on the up. We are currently recruiting for –

  • Senior Merchandiser
  • Creative Account Manager
  • Senior Childrenswear Designer

Brexit and the Fashion industry

It’s not yet clear how Brexit will affect the fashion industry in the UK, and there may well be difficult times ahead, but with a sizeable demand from countries around the world like China wanting the made in Britain stamp the UKs many heritage brands and a skilled workforce of top designers allows it to stand out in a fast paced ever evolving industry.

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