Not all fashion recruitment agencies are the same.

We have a vested interest in your success both now and in the future. Most importantly, we work to maximise your chance of getting the best job.  The most important thing for us is making the best match between a candidate and a job.

One of the most stressful events in life can be changing your job and we’re here to make the transition as smooth as possible. We will work with you to identify what you are looking for, who you want to do it for, your salary requirements and the location you want to do it in. Even if you are not officially on the job market – we will keep you updated if you wish us to!

Here at In Focus Recruitment we can assist you in making the job hunting task so much easier with a selection of useful tips and advice on job hunting; ranging from writing your resume, to managing a career change. We can also help with any more specific questions you may have.

Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the fashion and textile retail industries enables us to recruit all roles within Manchester fashion jobs and these specialised areas. We will:

  • Give you a huge choice of roles including some which are not even advertised! From fashion design jobs and fashion merchandising jobs through to fashion buying jobs and garment tech jobs – we have all areas covered!
  • Work on candidate’s behalf to negotiate excellent salary and benefits packages!
  • Ensure candidates are fully prepared for a successful interview!
  • Manage candidate’s application process effectively!
  • Offer a quick response to ensure candidates have the best chance of obtaining the role!

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