The fashion industry offers an ocean of opportunities for every creative mind and it showers aspirants with a diverse mixture of different fashion career options such as fashion design, buying, merchandising, technical and production, sales and account management as well as e-commerce job sectors.

A career in the fashion world allows you to illustrate your creativity, perform a variety of different tasks and lets your hard work be rewarded in many ways as well as job satisfaction and a competitive salary package!

Today there is typically a lot of competition for these awesome fashion jobs! This competition can make it difficult for many of you to get a hold in the fashion industry. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect job in the fashion industry.

  • Fashion agencies are a good place to look for a career. You could also check newspapers, retail based journals and websites of various fashion companies, job fairs, social media and other related places for new openings.
  • Socialise more and make new connections. Your prospects to landing a job in the fashion industry are mostly based on your familiarity, reputation and your relations in the industry. For example an internship with a reputed fashion house or attending a fashion fair is a great way to meet some of the professionals and popular figures of the industry.
  • Now that you know where to look for a job and how to make connections, the next step is to make an attractive covering letter and CV that a potential employer would want to actually read.
  • If you manage to impress your potential employer with your resume you will be selected for the interview and always remember that in the fashion industry communication skills are very important.  The interview is your platform to display these skills and hopefully obtain your dream fashion job!

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