Similar to applying for any job, to get started in the fashion industry you will need to create a CV which gives sufficient information about your education, experience, your accomplishments, your goals, and other similar aspects related to you. You will need to know how to make a notable CV that stands out from the crowd.

  • Customise your CV to match the position that you’re applying for. Each company in the fashion industry has dissimilar needs and criterions, and each will only employ individuals who can meet their needs. You have to analyse what a company wants for each position so you can make obvious that you have the knowledge, the experience, and the required aptitude.
  • The quality triumphs over the quantity. Keep in mind that the key to producing a good CV is the quality of the information and not necessarily the quantity. Nobody has the time to go through a booklet so keep your CV down to a page or two at most, and concentrate on providing vital and required information about you.
  • Always check for mistakes before sending it to an employer because the first impression is always the best impression.

The most important factor to remember when writing a CV is that it is a sales document – you are selling yourself.  Here are some important tips to consider:

The First page of your CV

You want the first page of your CV to highlight your skills and qualifications as well as provide a brief outline of your career.

CVs are usually skim read by potential employers and while you may expect that before you meet with a HR Manager or Head of Department they will have read through your CV in detail, this may not be the case.  You must aim to make it as easy as possible for someone to get a positive view of your experience at first glance.

When presenting your career history, it helpful to bullet point your employment experience to ensure it can be read easily. It is also helpful to include some information regarding the size of the companies you have worked for.

Outlining responsibilities and achievements

Try and stand out from other applicants, where possible, by using facts and figures to illustrate your achievements as it is likely that the CV of many candidates who are applying for the same role as you  will be similar and this will ensure you are memorable.

Manage your online reputation

Potential employers may run a quick internet search of your name when considering you for a role which can be similar to your CV.  It is important to be proactive in managing your online image and ensure that what is presented in your professional background reflects the information available on networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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