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Fashion designer Jobs

If you are interested in fashion design jobs and in following the hot trends in the fashion world, then a career in fashion designing is certainly something that you should consider. Fashion designer jobs are well paying, inspiring and creatively satisfying. And the best part about them – they have enough fields for you to choose from.


From fashion design jobsfashion merchandising jobs, fashion retail jobs, fashion marketing jobs and product development jobs, the choices are ample.

Fashion jobs involve designing, marketing and retailing of clothes, be it menswear, womenswear, kids wear or sportswear and you could work in couture fashion or ready-to-wear fashion, the opportunities are plenty. You may get a job on the basis of your talent but most fashion designer jobs including product development jobs require that you have a relevant degree in fashion. And you should definitely have a flair for fashion and a great eye for cut, colour and patterns.

What skills do I need to be a Fashion Designer?

If you aspire for to be a fashion designer then you also need to have a working knowledge of different types of fabrics and cuts, and you should be able to design garments for various occasions. In addition, if you can make briefs and proposals for merchandisers and suppliers to follow, your skills would rank higher as compared to the others. A good knowledge of design and of tools like Photoshop and some financial knowledge is a prerequisite in current times. Most importantly you should have a knack of predicting the designs for the future.

Fashion Design Jobs
Jobs in fashion are not as glamorous as industry insiders would have you believe. It requires dedication and a commitment to working long hours. You should have the ability to bring the designs-on-paper to life. You should be able to undertake considerable research for your future projects and your design skills should be convincing. The starter fashion designer jobs will be more intensive where you may have to follow the vision of senior designers and collaborate with them, but as you prove your mettle and rise in your field, the possibilities keep growing.


How can I progress my career in Fashion Design?

You can choose to work for big fashion houses, retailers, exporters, publishers of fashion magazines or as a freelancer. Your skills will decide your hierarchy in the organisation and as you grow in your chosen field you can improve your prospects by staying current with the industry trends through short term courses designed for your stream. Fashion design jobs pay well though there is strong completion for each position.

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