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Freelance jobs in Fashion

If you are looking for a role where you have more job flexibility and a good work/life balance a freelance role could be for you.  Many millennials are opting to setup their own businesses freelancing either as a Sole Trader or Limited company.

Freelance jobs in fashion are a popular choice with many, as it allows you to take on roles with different companies, such as suppliers, merchandisers or designers and can help to further your experience in the fashion industry as well as allowing you to build a strong portfolio of work.

How to find freelance jobs in fashion

Here at In Focus Recruitment we often have exciting freelance opportunities available, check out our latest freelance fashion roles here.

freelance jobs A good rule of thumb is to stay away from freelance ‘farms’ these are large businesses set up to subcontract business out to small freelancers and pay the minimum amount possible, you often bid for work against people in other countries who can afford to do the work for much less than the current UK market rate.

So don’t sell yourself short! know your worth and sign up with a reputable fashion recruitment agency.

Marketing your brand

If you are thinking of setting up as a fashion freelancer, it’s important to market yourself well, to get yourself noticed you will need to think about –

  • Setting up your own company website
  • Creating social media platforms for your company
  • Consistent branding throughout your marketing collateral
  • Building a portfolio of work

With all that said the best thing you can do as a freelancer in the fashion industry is to do a good job! It sounds obvious but word of mouth is a very powerful tool, and having a good reputation as a conscientious, hardworking fashion professional will get you far.

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