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Fashion jobs in the North West

When people think of the UK fashion industry most will turn to London first but areas in the North West, such as Manchester and Liverpool are not to be ignored.

Fashion jobs in the North West are abundant and there are a wealth of up and coming companies moving into the area.

Fashion designers in Manchester

In Focus Recruitment currently work with a large menswear company who have recently invested in a new headquarters in the North East occupying an impressive 40,000 square foot site.  The company manufactures its own brands and employs 70 staff in its Manchester headquarters.

Another of our clients includes one of the UK’s popular brand houses who also have their head office in Manchester, employing over 150 people.

On the catwalk

If you really want to get a feel for the fashion industry in the North West then why not visit one of the prestigious fashion week events.  This year’s Manchester fashion week saw an array of emerging designers, such as –

If you are looking for fashion jobs in the North West then immerse yourself in the glamour of the fashion shows.  Next year Manchester Fashion week will be held on 22nd & 23rd May.  Venture further West and visit Liverpool fashion week for more inspiration.  This year stars of the show included –

So there you have it, if proof where needed that the North West is a great place to be for those wanting to get into fashion!

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Whether you are looking for entry level or senior roles, we have strong partnerships with the fashion industries leading retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and independent fashion houses in the North West.

Contact us today to discover the exciting roles available with e-tailers, fashion suppliers and homeware brands.

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