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Fashion Designer Jobs – what you need to know

Fancy yourself as the next Alexander McQueen or Vivienne Westwood? Fashion Designer jobs can seem like a dream come true to the budding trend setter, but what skills do you need to get you to the top?

Fashion Designer jobs involve creating trends and designs for various seasons and interpreting the latest catwalk trends, whether you want to be a Menswear Designer, Ladieswear Designer, Knitwear Designer or Childrenswear Designer.  Below are some of the various Fashion roles in demand –

Fashion Accessories Designer

As a Fashion Accessories Designer you could be responsible for designing anything from jewellery to hats, bags, gloves, shoes, glasses and scarves.  You will be required to be up to date on the latest trends and be able to come up with an idea then bring it to life.

Some designers use pencil and paper but computer design software is becoming increasingly popular for this stage, such as –

Many designers hold a degree in their particular field, there are several College and University courses developed specifically for Fashion Accessory design.

Product Developer

As a Product Developer you will be involved in developing fashion products for retailers and manufacturers.  You will also require a good basic understanding of the design process life-cycle.  Typical responsibilities can include –

  • Sourcing fabrics
  • Developing seasonal collections, from design to prototype phase
  • Liaising with factories (can include overseas travel)
  • Communicating with vendors

Usually a design background is preferential for this role, knowledge of product development and garment construction is also advantageous.

Senior Fashion Designer

Career progression within the industry can lead to a role as Senior Fashion Designer.  A good background in fashion design is required with around 5 years of experience in the industry often required.  A typical day could include tasks like –

  • Producing detailed and commercial designs
  • Briefing suppliers
  • Working with buyers to evolve the range
  • Managing and mentoring junior team members
  • Preparing presentations



You will have a considerable responsibility for overall design decisions at this management level and input and influence on the range.  Experienced Senior Designers can earn up to £80,000.

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