homeware and textile design

Jobs in Homeware and Textile Design

If you are looking for an interesting and varied role in the fashion industry why not consider a role in Textile or Homeware design. As a graduate in this sector you could be looking to…

fashion jobs in Leeds

Fashion jobs in Leeds

Aside from being the regional capital of Yorkshire, Leeds is the third largest City in the UK, making it a popular destination for people to live and work and a great hub for the Fashion…

graduate jobs

Fashion Graduate Jobs – where to start?

Having completed a fashion degree, you may be thinking what now? Fashion is a highly competitive industry but if you have the passion and drive to succeed there are an abundance of opportunities available to a budding…

Fashion Design Jobs

Fashion Design jobs, want your ideal career?

If you are interested in fashion design jobs and in following the hot trends in the fashion world, then a career in fashion designing is certainly something that you should consider. Fashion designer jobs are well paying, inspiring…

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